Can I save files only on Nextcloud and take them away on the computer

My top reason for having Nextcloud is to have a secure storage for my pictures as I am a keen photogrofer with thousands of images, many in raw format. I want to be able to store them on my nextcloud without also have them on the laptop. Is this possible, if so how.
This is fully possible using dropbox but I feel more safe to have my private cloud


Anders YuraN```

That’s an easy task. I would recommend to copy all files on the console instead of using e.g. a WebDAV share, because this is usally much faster. If you can access your server using e.g. putty, you can use pscp to copy it to the server.

I was thinking something like that but it is way to complicated for a normal user. And I loose all the features of Nextcloud

Why do you loose the “features” of Nextcloud if you use putty or WinSCP to copy files to the server? As long as you place the files in the right folder structure, they can all be accessed via Nextcloud?!

You need a backup of your files. If you use one server (Nextcloud or sftp, …) you need a backup of this server if your pictures are really important.

Why not store them locally and in the cloud?

Well as I said I want to be able to in a simple way like a link show the picture for a potential buyer f.ex. The possibility to show pictures in f.ex cr2 raw format is also very tempting.
What I dont understand is why I cant choose what folders I want to store both locally and in the cloud. It must be no rocket science if Dropbox offer it even in their free accounts

Sorry i do not sync pictures with the desktop app. Perhaps another user can help you.

But i think there is a second problem. The photo app in nextcloud is a little bit bad.
You never see e.g. a JPG in original quality. You only get it on downloading it or open it in another program (not nextcloud gui).

Read my post from yesterday.
Sharing image from mobile app gets resampled

If you go into settings in the desktop app you can choose which folders are synchronised with the server.

Yes I know but the problem is that if I upload the pictures from the local folder and the unmark the local folder for syncing, and delete the local copies of the pictures, next time I have pictures to upload I need to sync the local folder again and all what is in that folder on the server will be downloaded again
Is there really know one that need a cloud space for storing material securly and not needed on the local computer for the moment

You could upload files using the web browser. Not sure if that would work for you.
There was a project for a virtual drive, which sounds like it could be what you are looking for. I’m not sure what its status is now though.

Other than that, I don’t think NC can do what you want it to do at the moment.

Yes, me for one, the method I suggested in my previous answer works fine for me, but everybody’s mileage varies.

Well I have now created a new folder on Nextcloud that is not synced. There I store pictures using SFTP. So I only sync folders with content I need to show people easy

You may use Mountain Duck, that works like hard disk. It will “mount” Nextcloud folders as new drive letter in Windows, so You may store your files directly on Nextcloud server, or read them, without storing them on computer. There is also possible to “cache” chosen folders, so they are accessible faster (but cache eats hdd space of course).
Second method is not to use Nextcloud, but SMB protocol (known as Windows Shared Folders). It i much better and easy to use than Nextcloud (and works muuuch faster). It is possible to use Linux with “samba” software to do it without any software cost.
Personally i use smb+Nextcloud (on my NAS i got SMB folder, that is mounted inside Nextcloud, so i can put files very fast on shared(smb) folder, and share some files or folders from it by Nextcloud.