Sharing folders with NextCloud & SMB server

Hello all,
Before installing NextCloud on a pro server, i need to know if i can share same datas using SMB server in local and NextCloud for foreign offices, home work and freelancers.
If yes does the performances are ok locally (i use a 10Gb network)
Sorry for my poor english (I’m french !)
Thank you

The use of external storage can always lead to problems or even delays. If possible, I personally would always do without it. The problem with SMB/cifs is that changes made via SMB are not known to Nextcloud, because the database must first be updated. For this you have to use commands like:
sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all

It is better to use Nextloud web, Nextcloud client or WebDAV. Then there is no problem with the file status in Nextcloud database.

Maybe you like the Nextcloud client e.g. for windows instead of SMB to solve all your problems.

Thank you devnull for this quick answer :+1:
I have no problem to use Nextcloud Client or Webdav localy
I need to be sure that the data stay accessible at full local network speed
I’ll try NextCloud client!

Maybe (Accessing Nextcloud using WebDAV is an additional possibility. Feel free to try both before trying SMB. You can use for test a free Nextcloud account in the internet.

I’ve made some tests with a free account
All solutions work perfectly
But my “problem” is the sync…
We often open files and modify them directly on the server
It will not be possible with NextCloud client or via webdav
With a SMB connection, i can directly access the server, open files without sync them on my laptop and modify then.
That’s why a thought of SMB !

there is “local edit” function since NC26 (or maybe 25) - you can edit a file on a server using local application… depending on the use case it might work for you. Otherwise - local edit is usually not such bad - if you have “high performance back-end for filesaka notify_push new versions sync very fast and every copy is “always” up-to-date.