Sharing fixed folder structures

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I was wondering if there was a simple way to shared a fixed folder structure with users but only grant access to certain sub-folders?

For example, If I want to maintain a shared folder for all users along the lines of Projects/Company A/Project 1. I would like certain ‘admin’ users to see all sub-folders but some users to only see a particular Project folder(s)

I could simply share the Project folders individually but in the above example, ‘Project 1’ would then appear at the top-level for users who had access.

I have seen the following work-around but this still results in the user seeing all folder names, but not having access to the contents of those folders that are restricted. Is it possible to restrict it so users wouldn’t even see the names of sub-folders that they have access to?

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Restricting folder access:

Create a Tag in “Workflow”:

Assign that Tag Leader to all subfolders, that should not be accessed by everybody.

Create a file access control rule:
Rule name: “Leader access only”
TAG – is – Leader
User Group Membership – is not – Leader

Create a User Group “Leader” and add every team leader or user that should have access to all folders to the Group “Leader”.

When you share the parent folder, then everybody sees all the subfolders, but only the users that you defined, can really access the subfolders you allow them to.

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Just wondering if you ever managed to find a solution to this. I am experiencing exactly the same issue?



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