Sharing Calendar Fails: Shared Calendar Does not Appear

I have a new OC12 instance with Calendar enabled.


  • User A in Group X creates a calendar and shares it with Group X
  • Create User B in Group X
  • Logout / Login as User B
  • Goto Calendar App
  • Expect to see shared calender, but only default calendar is there

Yes, User B is really in Group X, he can see a shared folder, but not the shared calendar.

What happens? How to share a calendar?

Here is Account of A with shared calendar and sharing opened:

Here is Account of B; shared calendar is missing:

Anyone? Am I doing something wrong or shall I report a bug?

I tried to reproduce it but it does work for me. Can you check on the personal page of user B that he is really part of group X? Also check your browser and server logfiles.

Do your group settings come from LDAP?

No, I checked everything over and over again. I’ll try to reproduce.

Could it make a difference, that the group name contains a slash, group name is: glp/pp


So it is a bug:
Sharing calendars does not work for groups containing a slash.


  • New instance of NC12 with calendar app
  • admin creates a new user in three groups:
    • testgroup
    • test-group
    • test/group
  • admin add himself to the three groups
  • admin ceates three calendars:
    • cal1 shared with testgroup
    • cal2 shared with test-group
    • cal3 shared with test/group
  • admin logs out, log in with new user
  • user sees cal1 and cal2 but not cal3

Thank you, @tflidd for your doubts making me thinking it over again. :slight_smile:

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Great debugging job. Unfortunately, this was already known but on the bright side, 12.0.1 will arrive very soon.

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