Sharing a Document Server (OnlyOffice, Collabora) between multiple Nextclouds

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Has anyone tried spinning up a Collabora or OnlyOffice server and sharing it between multiple Nextcloud installations? Curious on if this is possible. Never seen it discussed.

I’m using the same OnlyOffice server with different Nextclouds at the same time. As long as the userlimit isn’t reached and you got enough power on the server this works great.

Collaborative editing should even work with federated shares, as long as the same OO instance is used: ONLYOFFICE connector v.4.0 for Nextcloud | ONLYOFFICE Blog

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What kind of power do you have? What specs do you provide vs how many users and nextcloud instances? Thanks for sharing.

I’m running OO on a vps with 3 cpu cores and 4 gb ram using the docker image. This is far enough to meet the license limit of 100 concurrent connections. Connected are 3 nextcloud instances with 20 / 150 / 400 users. OO doesn’t need to much power, but I wouldn’t run it on a rpi or something like that. Relevant is only the number of connections and what the people are doing (like converting of non ooxml-files needs more power then editing docx for example). There is no difference if all connections are from one or different nextclouds.

Edit: Maybe this could be interesting too: How to choose the right hardware for ONLYOFFICE Docs

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I am also interested in this topic, and i test results in different situations.

  1. using the same OO server & different Nextclouds as the same time → Works great
  2. using the different Nextclouds with the same storage & different OnlyOffice server, it can work normally but when i open the same doc. with different nextclouds at the same time & different onlyoffice, it will show different content and cover the anthor one when you edit it.

This is intended behavior of OO. If a file is opened in OO the changes are cached in OO. Changes are written back to nextcloud after the last user closed the file. Why would you want to use the same storage with different nextclouds and different OO instances? Maybe federation in combination with one OO instance would do the trick for you?

Makes sense, because federation is not supported by OnlyOffice. You need to use the same OnlyOffice server if you want collaboration across multiple Nextclouds, or find a way to handle of all the federation from Nextcloud only. Since federation is still very limited, it is understandable that you’ll run into issues and incompatibilities.