Shares broken after upgrade from latest 27 to latest 28

After upgrade from latest 27 to 28.3 the shares does not work anymore - when i click something in “Shared with others” or “Shared with you” the link brings me not into the shared folder - but in the subfolder direct under the shared one…

Maybe only the links are wrong. Please test https://cloud.server.tld/apps/files/sharingout.

On my setup for example under “Shared with others” links look like

And this always goes into root of the the files of the user…

You must differ between links to person in Nextcloud and public link. You link is a link shared to a person in Nextcloud and not a public link. A public link is https://cloud.sever.tld/s/abcdefghijklmno But i thought the list is wrong. And with my link you can get the list of shared links. Please post a screenshot. Also you can use browser dev tools (F12) to find errors. Post them.

This “/index.php/apps/files/sharingout” is working - its the same as when i go into “Shared with others”
And there see all my shares - but when i click on something there is a strange behavior - example:


on Mouseofer of one of this shares it says

when i click on it it goes to

  • i am one folder under the shared one…

when i know push F5 go back in browser my sharing out is empty and the link looks like this:

and when i here click again F5 i am in the shared folder…

but the folder looks strange too - there are spaces in the pathnames - at leas it looks like that - maybe there should be some icons…

Side-question - i want to go back - i have the latest working 27 nextcloud folder and the DB at that time saved but not the data-folder - when i want to go back do i have to do something with the data folder too?