Sharerenamer v3.0.0 is released 🚀

This is the first release in two years and the first release after I took over the project from @DecaTec .

This release drops support for Nextcloud versions 9 - 17 and finally adds support for Nextcloud 22 and 23.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Note that this project skipped Nextcloud versions 18 - 21 and there will be no backports for these versions.

Version 3 is a rewrite and brings changes to the usage:
There is no button in the share menu to rename the share anymore because the app now has its own tab in the sidebar, where the links can be edited.

Known Issues:

  • Changes to the link shares only show up in the Sharerenamer Tab after the sidebar has been closed and opened again.
  • The copy button of the Shares tab only copies the new link after the sidebar has been closed and opened again.

Known issues will be addressed in later releases.


:crown: :top: :star_struck: So awesome!!! :shark: :shaved_ice: :space_invader:

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Finally the app is back.
Just downloaded the new version on NC 23.

Well done!

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Thanks you very much for update this app!! (and DecaTec for the original app)

I was expecting all this time this new version. I use it a lot to share easily links with my friends and work colleges