Sharefolder with Plex

User A and User B exist in Nextcloud and Plex.

In Plex, every user has access to his Nextcloud folder and his “shared-with-me” folder.

If user A shares a file with user B then user B can see it in Nextcloud under “shared with me”, but the file is not displayed in Plex. I suspect User B cannot see this because it is just a “link”, is that correct?

If so, how can I get User B to see the link not only in Nextcloud, but also in Plex?

Hi @flexmax

You would have to copy the actual file to the actual folder of user B. Plex cannot know if you have shared a file or a folder inside Nextcloud. It does not interact with Nextcloud. It simply scans for media files in the folders of the underlying file system, that you have set up in the Plex library settings of a respective user. And as you already have recognized by yourself, nothing gets actually copied from A to B when you share a folder in Nextcloud. So if the file is not actually there, Plex cannot find it. Simple as that.

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Thank you for your answer. copying and pasting the file is not an optimal solution, since we want to share data with each other. is there maybe a plugin that creates a “link” in the folder when you share it?

It could be possible if you create Plex user in NC as User C. And mount his space to the System via e.g. davfs2.
Then simply add mounted Folder in Plex as additional Video Files source. User A should now share video with User C in this case User A, B and C can have an access to the video in Plex.

But Plex will not know if inside of Plex User A share video with User B, it will be simply new video in folder to access.

If the Plex server is on the same machine that runs Nextcloud you add the Plex user to the group that runs the Nextcloud server (snap >> root) or Normal Installation (www-data). So plex will have access to nextcloud’s data folder and that’s where you would map User B’s library that follows the path /mnt/Nextcloud/data/B/files/PLEX

Another option you put the content that will be executed by the plex in a different folder where the plex has access (external storage) then just map the drive or folder that contains the files within the Nextcloud instance.

Now if the Plex server is on another computer you can map it via webdav or rclone

I particularly prefer rclone because the performance is better.

NOTE Method number 1 will not work if the server is encrypted.