Shared URL with lastest first

Example: I send a shared link with my holiday photos. The photos are getting more and more and the very first one is still on top.

Is it possible to include directly in the link that the latest photo (after date of change) is always on top?
Or in reverse order of the name.

When you open the link (in the browser) you can click on “Name”, “Size”, “Modified”. But I don’t want to do this every time I add a new one.

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Not tested. Hope it works with shared links.

" You may customize a Gallery album with a simple text file named gallery.cnf , which contains parameters structured using the Yaml markup language."


  • sorting : date or name . date only works for files.
  • sort_order : asc or des (Ascending or descending).
  • inherit : Set to yes if you want sub-folders to inherit this part of the configuration.

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And there is a way to do it for shares via Link? With such kind of URLs https://HOST/index.php/s/blablablabla?sort=mtime

No, it’s still not possible.

Is there still no way to sort the shares?

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