Shared storage by default

Hi, I’m running Nextcloud from docker latest (which is currently version 27). It’s running fine, but I can’t figure how to make all users use the same storage location.

Now I have user1 and user2 who have their separate home directories

user1 storage location : /var/www/html/data/user1/
user2 storage location : /var/www/html/data/user2/

And I don’t see how to change it. What I would like instead is

user1 storage location : /var/www/html/data/shared_root/
user2 storage location : /var/www/html/data/shared_root/

so that everything is shared by default.

my use case

In my use case, I’d like to create the “individual” part inside of shared_root so that everyone can browse everybody’s stuff. It would look like this


If there is a way to allow everyone to read, but only the corresponding user to write, it would be perfect.

Thank you for your help !

Laurent R.