Shared Spreedme : Failed to load app!


I traveled a lot of forum and post for this problem that I have with
I already have a server with a NC 12 and Spreedme, and is work.

but I would like to use my server spreedme with another installation nextcloud on another server puts in the same network of the host

my goal is to move my nextcloud installation to another new server (A) and use my old server (B) to dedicate for only spreedme and onlyoffice.

So, i already install my nexcloud on ther server A ( New ) and i already connected OnlyOffice, and is work fine. Better than on the old server B.

I have seen a lot of things to do with the connection with Spring yes but it does not work every time I have errors where it is loaded but I can not create the room or video instances and I do not see nobody when the others are connected which poses me a real problem point I still managed to have a fixed error which is: Failed to load app! on spreedme in the new nextcloud ( server A )

on the Server B, spreedme works well.

Please explain how to shared my installation nextcloud.

On my server B, i use a techandme sh installation :

Thanks in advance


Please help me…