Shared Photo Album very Slow

My Nextcloud is extremely slow if I share an album with public link. It takes almost1 min. until the photos are shown up. Any Idea what could be the root cause? Internet Speed is ok, 250mbit down and 50mbit upload.
Here an example:

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Maybe you can use the browser dev tools (F12) to find the error.

I get e.g. this.

Die Ressource von "" wurde wegen eines MIME-Typ-Konfliktes ("text/html") blockiert (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff)

On my server i do not get your error. But there is another bug if you click on the pictures.
Maybe you find your bug at the issues.

I don’t get an error but it takes extremely long until the gallary appears. Clicking a picture needs an account, I think this is the way how nextcloud works. >/dev/null :smiley:

I think not. It is a public album and not a nice error. It is basic auth (htaccess) from the webserver.

I don’t understand how you can announce a feature like Photos 2.0 so big and then there seems to be no progress on fixing it. For me, this makes the application unusable so i share with normal directorys. Maybe someone can optimize sharing directorys with set option grid view.

Here the issues:

I share now with normal directories as well. It’s fast and works like it supposed to be. It’s a pity that this Fotos app doesn’t work properly.

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