Shared links not expiring on the given date

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am facing an issue with version 28.0.7.

Our users have a default expiration date for shared links. The default expiration date is 7 days.
When our users set a date by themselves, the link still expires after 7 days.

How can I fix this issue?
The standard expiration date is specified by a business policy.

There are no logs under /settings/admin/logging.


Leon Brenn

What is the issue if the default expiration period is 7 days and the link expires after 7 days? What do you expect the program to do?

Not OP, but I would actually expect the 7 days to be pre-set but changeable, and that any changes to the default would be respected by the software :wink:

There’s also an option to enforce the expiration date, but then it should be greyed out so users can’t change it.

@lbrenn: Sounds like a bug to me. Have you checked for corresponding issues on GitHub? If there isn’t one yet, you could open one.