Shared links are disappearing mysteriously

Nextcloud version: 14.0.4
Operating system and version: Ubuntu server Xenial with Cloudron
Apache or nginx version: ?
PHP version: ?

The issue you are facing:

I have a nextcloud installation in which some users are creating public shared links for some documents, and putting the links in our public website, for reference.

But for some strange reason the links are being automatically deleted. Not for all documents, but for some ones. We haven’t been able for not to discover why or when (perhaps is when the nextcloud is updated, or the host reboot, or some other operation of the users).

One peculiar detail is that in the “activity” tab of the document there is not any register of the link deletion (there are entries for the link creation and for when people have downloaded it using the link). This makes me think that the links have not been removed the normal way, using the user interface.

I can’t imagine any way of reproducing this problem, since we still have not detected the exact moment in that they got deleted, although we are still watching the issue.

Do you have any clue of why could it be happening? The users are not using the date limit feature, and I don’t know any other reason to delete links automatically, nor how to trace this.

Thanks for any support.

In the admin section, you have sharing enabled and allow these users to do so? Do you use the fileaccesscontrol app? There certain file types could be protected. Which kind of files do not work and which ones work? Folders do work?
Could you try a recent version as well? 14.0.4 is over 6 months old, on online systems, I’d update a bit more often (current version in the NC14 branch:
It also means that possible bugs are perhaps already fixed.

Yes, all links work. In fact they are used for some days by people to download the file. But the share misteriously disappears, and the download link its broken. We can share it again, but then it creates a new link url.

This is the activity log of one file. You can see that the file is shared and then it ceases working, and it’s shared again, but the unsharing is not logged.


Hi did you manage to solve your problem?


Not exactly, because we did nothing and didn’t find the source of the problem. But it has not occured again for several months. So I suppose that we may leave the event as a poltergeist and close the issue ¯_(ツ)_/¯