Shared link for disabled user

Greetings Nextcloud community,

To briefly describe the issue we are facing:

The case:

a user X created a shared folder with

  • Allow editing.
  • Allow reshare.
  • Allow creating
  • Allow download

and shared it with internal users each user shared it with another internal user.

The user X was disabled a year ago with a size of 70 GB.

However, the folder continues to be updated from the users who have access to the folder during this year until it reaches 220 GB.


  • we retrieved the user X folder, but the size was 70 GB, which indicates this is not the actual storage location.

What would be the solution for this?
where could the storage location be, since we can restore it from the backup system?

You’ve not described how your directory structure looks like in detail, but folders which cannot be found at a first glance usually reside below the Nextcloud data directory.


thank you [j-ed] for your prompt reply,

the file under the same directory wasn’t updated after we disable the account, so we assume that the file will be located at a different location.

the directory is as below,

Mount: /data
Filesystem: fuse.glusterfs

thank you