Shared link doesn't work with external storages - nextcloud - freenas


I have problem with my nextcloud 17.0.5 on freenas 11.3-u1.
I added external storages to nextcloud by mounting point in freenas, and they are work just fine.
I can add files and folders to them, i can rename files and folders, i can delete everything what i want (it is working properly) by my nextcloud account .

But when I share folder (which is on external storage) by link, my friend whom I sent that link cannot edit, rename, delete, add files in shared folder. Of course I clicked “Allow upload and edditing” button

When you are trying add file by link it is getting error, but after refreshing site (F5), the folder that you were trying to upload is there but without file which was in it .
Error: “Could not create folder “/FOLDERNAME”” “Upload cancelled.

The same thing with creating folder:

nextcloud cannot create folder 2

When I share folder that is created by nextcloud (NOT external storage) everything is working perfect! (I found this folder in nextcloud jail, and its permissions are normal)

I thought it could be problem with permissions of folder that i am sharing from external storage, so i went to my SMB share by windows to folder on which I am sharing link. Then i am clicking properties and checkbox every of users for all permissions. Still it didn’t work.

This is strange becouse it is working okay when i am trying to do something with this folder by my nextcloud account.

What is wrong with my nextcloud?
How can I repair editing issue on linked folder which is on external storage?

Thank You!

On your external drive settings make sure you have checked “enable sharing”


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I have checked it to all my external storages, when I was adding them.
I tried uncheck and check again but it didn’t work.
When box is unchecked I don’t have icon for share next to external storage.

What could be wrong?