Shared link destination forgotten

Hello all,
there was an issue to set link expiration dates in previous version 28x, but now it is fixed and it works in 28.0.3 perfectly again. During the issue I needed to create link shares without expiration and now I can’t remember what shares I should expire or delete. In one case, I know the link like https://[mysystem]/s/6z7scz3sdfZxzT836 but not the password and thus where it is pointing to. Where I can find the link target file/folder as a system admin?

Thank you!

Maybe you can install and use the app Share Listing (video). You can see the JSON output generated from occ-command at 01:00 min:sec.

I think you can also find the info in the database. But i have not tested it. Either with a database command or with the help of a full-text search in the database dump. Maybe someone can write something about this.

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Thank you, it worked! This would be a very useful feature in GUI as well.

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For your own user you can use in Files on the left side:
Shares (https://cloud.server.tld/apps/files/shareoverview)
Shared with others (https://cloud.server.tld/apps/files/sharingout)
Shared by link (https://cloud.server.tld/apps/files/sharinglinks).