Shared hosting provider with Nextcloud AND OnlyOffice?

Are there any hosting providers out there offering shared hosting that includes the ability to run Nextcloud AND OnlyOffice?
It seems like the typical solution for this is a AWS/Azure/Etc, but I don’t want to have to manage my own server and all of its updates and security issues.
Would be nice to have a shared host that runs things like some kind of control panel (e.g. cPanel or Plex), ModSecurity, etc for me and takes nightly backups.
Are there any good providers out there?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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sorry for the late reply but we ( offer Nextcloud hosting and OnlyOffice. It hasn’t made it to our webshop yet, but if you ask us through the contact form we can definitely arrange this for you.


I found a good hosting provider at who will allow for Nextcloud with OnlyOffice.
They set up a docker container for OnlyOffice for my Nextcloud install.
For us, this is so much nicer than Collabora because

  1. OnlyOffice uses Microsoft Office file formats (e.g. docx, pptx, xslx) as default whereas Collabora uses the open document formats (e.g. odf). While open is nice, MS is what the majority of people actually use
  2. OnlyOffice runs most of its processing in the users’ browsers whereas Collabora processes mainly on the server. For us, using shared hosting which allocates limited system resources to each account, moving that processing burden to the users’ computers was important. In practical usage, this has worked well on PCs (both new and old), phones, and tablets.

(Personally, I am not sure why shared hosting providers don’t prefer to offer OnlyOffice instead of Collabora, as it would seem to reduce the burden to their servers. But I know Collabora has its own strengths and I don’t want to start a flame-war here.)

I was REALLY happy with how helpful the tech support at Spry was in getting this set up. There seems to only be a small handful of shared hosting providers offering NextCloud with OnlyOffice (most just offer Collabora). Glad I found this one.

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