Shared Hosting OVH - Web Nextcloud issue with some iPhones

Hi all,

I am running Nextcloud on a shared web server from OVH since more than one year. I am very happy with it and use it everyday for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Administrative documents and tons of photos.

I came here for help because I’m facing a very strange issue with my Nextcloud instance since one or two months. The nextcloud web interface doesn’t work on my iPhone. Everytime I try to load the main page, I have a “safari could not open the page because the network connection was lost” error. When I try with Chrome for iOS, I get “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED” error. Wifi or LTE, I’ve tried everything…

Even more strange : everything works perfectly with my wife’s iPhone, which is exactly the same model and has exactly the same safari settings (I compared them)! The problem seems to be also impacting one of my friend’s Mac (it works perfectly on my Mac and on my office PC).

I have tried to install a fresh new Nextcloud 12 instance on my server, same problems (works with my wife’s phone, not with mine…).

The problem doesn’t look to be linked with my Phone because I can run some Nextcloud demos from official providers ( for example)

Does anyone has a clue here? What should I give you for a more profond “diagnostics”?
Thanks very much in advance for your help!


For server issues, we need more information which can be found in logfiles. Is the server refusing a connection? SSL? Or is there a permission problem? Not sure what you can get on the shared web servers, could be difficult to debug. Or you monitor the whole network communication between your phone and the server (will be a bit of work).

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Dear rdelimezy,
I resolved adding this in .htaccess: “Header always unset Content-Length”

Let me know,