Shared Folders in the Windows Nextcloud desktop application

Hello everybody,

I am hosting a nextcloud server for my team and therefore created different folders that I share with different groups in my company. A bunch of us is using the mac application and everything is working great, but some are windows users and here is where my problem begins:

I downloaded the windows client (as I did with my mac client) and everything worked the same. But for some reason, the folders I created and shared with my team aren’t getting synced. When they create a document outside of the group folders, the sync works fine.

It works perfectly in the browser, but not in the desktop app. That why I assume it has nothing to do with permissions. And the employees working on mac have the same roles and groups as the ones working on windows.

I really can’t find the reason for that problem and as a mac user I am not familiar enough with windows.

Thanks for your help! I hope I described my problem understandable.