Shared Folders deleted / LDAP / "Backends provided no user object for"


we have a great problem with our NextCloud installation: Occasionally shared folders will be deleted. All files of the active users, who a folder is shared with, are removed from the local PC. After a while resync will start but all files are downloaded again from the NextCloud. In the admin interface I see messages like this:

Backends provided no user object for 9d6b1124-dbb5-4c88-85d3-4407013b68fe

However the user with the given id can be found in the database. We are using LDAP authentification.

Has this happend to anyone before? Is there any fix for this?


Is the connection between the server interrupted? Or one server is for a short time in maintenance mode?

Right now they are not. But the servers are in different networks. There can always be a brief outage. Of course it would be understandable if a user cannot log in while the LDAP is unreachable for a second or two. But if this results in all shared folders at all other users being deleted and then re-download, it has quite a large impact.

Sorry, I don’t use LDAP to give you further instructions or to verify your problems. LDAP support in the forum is pretty bad, so directly report this to the bug tracker or try to contact someone via IRC.