Shared folders are hidden in memories by default

In memories, you can add a folder that has been shared with you to your timeline path. But by default you cannot see the “Shared” folder. You have to go into your memories settings and enable “show hidden folders”.

I thought I’d share this knowledge because I struggled with this for a while! And I actually shares should be shown by default and not considered a hidden folder.

I also am finding it a bit confusing in “Files” to see the “Shares” on the vertical menu to the left and also to see the “Shared” folder within my folders list.

I have suppressed “Photos” from my menu so I am less concerned about it, but the location of shared files is in yet a different place, called “Shared with you”.

I’m loving memories! It’s so sweet to be able to drill down into my photos library by year or month, and then to switch to timeline view. It’s magical! :star_struck:


Only folders that are empty (no memories-indexed files) or start with a dot should be hidden, otherwise it’s a bug. Does any of these apply?

Hmm… I don’t think so? I ran the command below on my Shared folder, but no dice. The Shared folder does not show up if “show hidden folders” is disabled.

You can limit indexing by user and/or folder:
occ memories:index --user=admin --folder=/Photos/

When you open the “hidden” folder, does it have anything in it (in memories)?

Yes, when I enable “show hidden folders” and then go to memories, I see the SHARED folder and can open it, and it contains folders that were shared with me.

And I assume you can open these shared folders further in memories, and see the images in them?

In that case it’s a bug

Yes, I can absolutely see and enjoy the photos in there. :+1:

Can confirm the bug
Tracker at Folders with shared folders can be incorrectly hidden · Issue #1166 · pulsejet/memories · GitHub

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Please test with v7.3

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Nice job! That works!!

And I have learned how to update apps. occ is a sweet tool! :candy: