Shared Folder notification after file uploaded automatically

Im looking for possibility to get email notifications when file is uploaded to shared directory.

For example: Group of users has rights to FOLDER X. When someone with rights, upload some file to FOLDER X, all users get email notification automatically.

Is it somehow possible ?

Hmmm, users can configure their own notifications, I don’t think you can enforce this as admin. Of course you can use the workflow feature to make this work if you like - trigger a script that sends an email when a file in a specific folder is uploaded or something - but that is some manual work, bit of scripting and coding… I can’t really tell you where to start.


There is no option for users, to get notifications if something in shared folder is changed. You can get only notification that folder is shared. When after time is something new in folder, you are not notified …

I have some idea how to make with linux bash script, but im looking for clean nextcloud solution - because of future administration

I wasn’t suggesting bash - the Workflow feature allows triggering various things based on events, though it isn’t super easy to access (requires some coding).

Yeah, I had a look - you can’t really separate notifications for this right now. Would indeed require some custom work, as far as I can tell. Sorry… I have no other suggestions beyond “develop it or pay somebody to do it”. Well, or hope somebody who needs it does that, of course. :wink:

TY for your effort …
for me is easiest to make bash script which checks DIR recursively and when changes are detected it sends email … This is easier as making custom nextcloud modifications. After Nextcloud update are my customizations away … Bash ignores nextcloud versions , because he works only with Directories

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Hello I did’it and is worked.
You can try below steps.

  1. Make on you account Shared folder and share it with some user
  2. Check what user make on this folder (only read, read & write or is only
  3. And now when you upload some file on Shared folder you and user get email about file and link for it.
  4. And you can make other folder and share it with user but set the right only for Read on line Share link
    and on line the SimpleUser un check all. All file here user can read and download only.

You can use comments so they will be notified. After you have upload it something you can comment in the folder and they will be notifed of your action.