Shared External folder not showing as shared

I have created a few External Folders, and shared then with a group. From the admin view I can see that my (existing) folders show as Shared, but the External Folders (even though they are shared) don’t show this.

Is this normal behaviour? I would have expected any folder I share, would show it in the folder list.

You have installed a current version ( You have errors in your logfiles?

Yes I am running the latest 11.0.2 release. I have double checked my log but can’t find any errors.

When I change a setting on an external shared folder (for example un-tick the Edit box on a user) it does show the ‘Shared’ word. But after a page refresh it is gone again.

You can try to reproduce this on the demo instances (Demo instances of 9, 10, 11 and 12 now live).
I have an older version, there even external storage shows correctly as shared. Make sure that no 3rd party app on your browser is blocking this content.

It will be difficult to replicate it with the demo, since I am using SMB for my external mounts, which isn’t supported on the demo. Also I don’t really want to make them accessible publicly.