Shared calendar, links from mail or notifications to events not working


I’m having a small problem with the calendar app.

If new events are created or existing ones modified in a shared calendar and anyone it is shared with clicks on a link to the event in an email or nextcloud notifications, it will not load.

Except for the owner, if someone else creates a event or modifies an existing, the links in notifications will work for them.

I have more infos here:

In the mean time I have updated to nextcloud 27, and all apps to the latest version, also tried a new installation (on a fresh system) with apache and php-fpm and mod_php, but same behavior. (normally i run nginx with php-fpm).

Know I have no clues, if this is actually a bug, but then schould I find more reports of it…Or I do somthing wrong in my configs, but I need a bit help for what i schould look out to debug this more.

Okay… there are two possibilities:

  • First, I am losing my mind and can’t see what I’m doing wrong.
  • Second, no one is using the email or web notification to access the linked event/appointment, on shared calendar.

I have tried everything I can think of: nginx, apache, php8.0, 8.1, 8.2 Nextcloud 26, 27, php-fpm, mod_php, with and without reverse proxy.

I’m giving up for now. Maybe someone here has another idea. PLEASE! :smiley: