ShareAs option so you can either rename the folder or set the folder hierarchy that you want the folder/file to be stored in

Currently sharing a file or folder only shares the file or folder as its name. If the name is a duplicate than there are issues with sync.

If you manually edit the file_target field in the DB you can assign the hierarchy that you want the file or folder to use, but the user MUST have the hierarchy already setup on their local user. if the local user does not have the hierarchy already created, then the file or folder overwrites the changes to the file_target and uses the default values.

It would be nice to be able to manually “set & forget” the file_target based on a tiered folder structure. That tired folder structure would then be automatically created on the local user’s cloud account.

Sharing the in Folder nextcloud/Core/private/lib is shared as just With the ShareAs option, you could select some defaults such as:

nextcloud/Core/private/lib/ or
private/lib/ or manually override the file structure

This would then show up on the shared user’s cloud account as SharedAs. The folder hierarchy and the file would then be listed as shared with the appropriate “shared folder” icon.

Additionally, you should be able to ShareAs with a move or not move option. So that the shared user’s folder structure could NOT be updated or moved.

This is a necessity for some of the work that I am doing now.

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