Share whole folder including contents via shared link

I have just installed version 11 from a preconfigured VM, setup names, dns, reverse proxy and integrated with AD.

Purpose will (assuming it works as we need) be for staff to share files and folders with 3rd parties securely.

I have just tested sharing a file, clicking on ‘Share Link’, setting a password, allowing upload.

I then load that link from somewhere else to see how it looks and the folder is visible but none of the files which were in it. I understand from this forum that the files would get shared by virtue of being within that folder if I’d shared the parent with other NextCloud users; this does not seem to be the case if I share the folder with a link.

Is it possible I have setup something incorrectly, or I am not sharing the folder in the expected way, or is this expected behaviour if sharing a folder with external users (I don’t want staff to need to setup a nextcloud user for 3rd parties).

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me. The system seems to be very slick so far, just need to make sure it does what we need it to do.

If I understand your question correctly, it sounds like the difference between configuring the shared folder as a “file drop” or just a publicly shared folder with read/write access. In that case, just make sure you uncheck the option “File drop (upload only)” which prevents anyone from viewing the contents of the folder (the purpose of this is to allow anonymous uploading by multiple outside people without them being to download each other’s contents).

I think they used to call this option “Hide file listing”