Share users main directory

Is there a way to share a users main directory? Or maybe another way to get what I need:

I have a team of several users and want all of them to be able to upload photos on their smartphones as easy as possible. In my “master” user account I want to have folders for every single user where I can access their files.

I’m aware of the automatic camera upload function in iOS and Android Client and the option that I can select a specific directory for uploads. However, most of my users are using their own devices, so they do not want to upload every picture they take, but only the ones that are meant for me.

so they do not want to upload every picture they take, but only the ones that are meant for me.

Am symlink in the data folder should work.

you mean on the server side in the file system? won’t that bring inconsistent database trouble with NC?

according to this: Can I copy files directly into a users data directory on the server? that won’t work

any other ideas? basically every user should only be required only to upload anything to it’s main directory, and all of the users main directories are shared to my account where I have subdirectories for every single user

Hi @LittleNoMuc ,

So it would be too much for the users to select a subfolder (not the root folder) for their photo uploads? Just trying to understand what you really need :slight_smile:

I don’t know the capabilities of the nextcloud app, because I use another one. However I can select different folders for auto-upload and I can define into which folder I want to upload my photos.
At least with my setup the users can create a folder let’s say “LittleNoMuc-Upload” on their smartphones and define this folder to be automatically uploaded. So whenever they copy photos on their smartphones into this folder it will be uploaded every X hours to your NC server.
In the app they could also define where to upload the files, which could then be:

The only thing the users have to do, is copy the photos into the correct folder on their smartphones - what is unavoidable while [quote=“LittleNoMuc, post:1, topic:8202”]
they do not want to upload every picture they take

Of course the users share their folder Photos/PhotosForLittleNoMuc/ with you on the server.
Is this something that could be applicable for you?

unfortunately, yes :innocent:

Yes a kind of “standard upload forlder” for everything would be the solution. However, in my iOS-App I can only set a folder for the automatic upload function, which I can not use on my colleagues phones due to privacy. For normal uploads I can not set a standard folder.

I see, maybe you should open a feature request for the smartphone app. For me it sounds like the cleanest solution to have this options in the app itself.
Furthermore this would be a great improvement of the app, if it doesn’t have these options yet.

What you want then, is to be able to:

  • select the target folder on the server for auto uploads
  • select multiple folders for auto upload on the smartphone/ client
  • configure if the app should create subfolders on the server for every selected auto-upload-folder on the smartphone/ client

I agree that this would be cool features for the App, however in my case I would prefer a server-side solution like the option of just sharing the users main folder like I can do with any other folder

I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re trying to do (or why), but maybe you could do something similar to what I do.
I have pictures uploaded automatically from my phone into a pictures folder in my account. Every night, a cron job runs, moving and sorting all of those pictures into a different folder on the server (actually out of my cloud account entirely). Then to avoid the NC database issue, I just make sure to run the command php occ files:scan [user account pictures folder] having Nextcloud rescan that directory and update the database.
Maybe your users can upload their pictures, and then once a day you can move or copy all of those pictures either into your account or somewhere else on the filesystem for you to access?
I would avoid symlinking (I tried that originally, but ran into issues). I think if you want to keep a “master” account in Nextcloud and be able to access all of their pictures, you still need to use a server side method like this to keep that account synced with their accounts, in order to avoid database issues.
If that sounds like it might work for you, let me know and I can give you more info about how I set up my scripts.

I have to work with some … let’s name it non-versed coworkers :innocent: … and need them to upload pictures from their phones every day. Asking them to select a specific folder before upload is too much to ask (they are just not able to handle that). So I want them to just upload a picture they select, and once uploaded I want that picture in my account (shared) in a folder named by the person who shared this to me.

Of course everybody is taking photos with their phones that are private and don’t belong to me, so a general upload of all pictures on the phone is no option.

Ok, so what exactly are you expecting the users to do? Which apps do they have to use, and how much configuration do they need to go through to get set up? I don’t see how choosing the default folder is any different than choosing a sub folder.

set-up is not the problem since I can do that. The usage is the problem.

How exactly they use it depends on the platform. I have only iOS to test, however they have Android too. But in general, they should just open one App (either NC or the photo gallery app of the phone), select the picture they just took a moment before and press “upload” (or in case of the photo app of the phone press “share on NC”)

I think I have a better understanding of your needs now. You are able to do the initial setup on each device, but you want the users to easily be able to upload a picture on a whim, but only when they choose to upload it.

So can you share a folder from your account with read write access to all other users, and they will upload to that? So they have their own accounts, but just share the photos into that folder which appears under your account too?
Otherwise create a “master” folder in your account, then create subfolders for each user, and share those folders to those users with read write access, and do the same thing if they shouldn’t be able to see each other’s pictures.

Does that sound a little more like what you want to do? If not, what issues do you still foresee?

that is exactly what I want. To be exact, I already have this in use. However, every now and then, it happens that my “users” upload pictures to their main-folder and not in this one shared folder, so the pictures do not arrive where I need them. This is what I want to handle easier by not having my users to select this folder before each upload.

I couldn’t find a way to share the user’s main director (or map a shared directory to the main directory).

Or again, use a workaround like I suggested before, something like running a cron job to automatically move pictures they upload from the main directory into the shared directory. The only downside I see to this solution is the fact that you won’t have instant access. It will only be as often as you schedule the cron job to run.

Otherwise this just sounds like a training issue. Maybe you could request a feature to be added to the mobile apps to set a default upload directory besides the main dir.

What about circles:
With circles it is possible to share a directory(ies)