Share photo album by public link bug

Whenever trying to share a photo album by public link such as this one

The actual album will load but the individual photos are still protected and cannot be loaded by the viewer or player without getting an error like this one.

It seems like a bug but it could also be intentional I suppose. I don’t know what a public link is good for though if it isn’t making photos available to the public via a viewer or download without credentials. Internal users would be shared to and use the collaborative albums menu item. This is Nextcloud 25.0.2and Hub 3.

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Hi @dittmanfamily

It’s a bug and it has already been reported on GitHub:


Thank you so much! I came here looking for help on this specific issue, since I just installed Nextcloud with the intention of doing some photo sharing. I’ll go +1 those bugs.

You can also share the file folder. That may be not so nice but perhaps bypasses the problem.

It is still strange that no one has found this really serious error before the introduction of the app. As if you do not share photo albums also publicly. Or is it only a problem with Nextcloud 25.0.2?

The winning suggestion was to install the Memories app, which also has public link sharing. This was a life saver!

The problem still existst in 25.0.3…
There seems to be a workaround for nginx:

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And it is still on NC 26 beta 2.

Yeah that work around didn’t help either even thought I am also using nginx.

This seems like a fairly serious bug. I’ve just installed nextcloud and cannot share any of my albums. That was sort of my primary use case. Any plans for a fix?


Having the same problem. My error looks like:

Screenshot 2023-02-15 at 2.32.22 PM

Problem was solved with Nextcloud 25.0.4. Thanks.
Here a public share of an album.

overview (was not the problem):

single photo (this was the problem):