Share only a specific folder with a Nextcloud user/group

I’m trying to share a specific folder from an External Storage with a NC user, but I’m surprised how complicated this seems to be. I want to share a folder within a folder structure, like /Documents/Photos/Dogs.

I used the documentation-recommended way of using File Access Control + Collaborative tags but this does not seem to work with folder hierarchies - once a top level folder gets a tag, seemingly the user gets access to anything within that directory. When the top level directory doesn’t get the tag, the user can’t navigate below.

Is there some way to achieve this?

… and I assume, you want to share the folder “Dogs”?

Actually the simplest thing there is:

Klick on the “Sharing” symbol of that Folder, left of the three dots:


then in the dialog you can enter the name of the user with whom you want to share the folder as described here:

File Sharing — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation

Or did I misunderstand you?

Ok, I somehow assumed that is only usable to share with external users in a more temporary fashion :v

For a more technical alternative solution, anyone looking at this topic: if you use a network share/vm setup, you can just make symlinks of mounts into a new local folder. Mount this folder as a new external share, and share this folder with the user/group.