Share multiple passwords (or a specific folder)

I have a couple of people and some Nextcloud groups that I share certain passwords with. Is there a possibilty to share multiple passwords at once or even share a folder in Passwords, where all the passwords you put are automatically shared with the person(s) that you share the folder in?

If not, wouldn’t that be a great feature?

Great feature to request, and IMO, the most critical feature needed in order to make this password application viable for enterprise situations.

In fact, what I would like to see, is for it to grow into a multi-user password storage server with advanced ACL’s.

Unfortunately, you aren’t the first one to make the request; [Feature] Folder / Tag / Group sharing · Issue #27 · marius-wieschollek/passwords · GitHub – that dates back to early 2018, so over 3 years and there has been no progress. Participants in that issue list are resorting to extortion and bribery to try to motivate the developers behind the plugin to get moving on this critical feature, to no avail.

Hi @Larry_Boyd,

I find your reply a bit offensive I must say. The priorities of the developer - who does all this work in their free time without getting paid for it! - do not have to align with your own. There have been tons of features added in the past months, many of which were requested very often by the community. I am sure that @mdw would love to have that feature in Passwords - but it will come whenever it will come.



If you’d like something offensive, your failure to read and understand what I said is EXTREMELY offensive. You really should think through your posts a few more times before submitting.

Read and understand what i said:

  • This is an open source spare time project. Donations do not pay for features, they do not prioritize features and they do not get features done faster

The only way of “bribery” possible to motivate me is making a PR with the finished code ready to merge.

The target user group of the app are private users and small teams. If you want enterprise, go to the Nextcloud GmbH and ask them to make you an offer. I do not plan to add enterprise level features or enterprise level support.

Nope. Folder & Group sharing is where it ends for me. With edit & share permissions on or off for all shared objects but not individually.

Exactly my opinion. I program this in my free time. I do not want monetization. I implement whatever i like whenever i like. Primarily i work on the things that bother me the most. If you’re looking for someone to work on the things that bother you te most, go find a mirror.

Yes i do. But it’s also a lot of work, it requires planning and some research & experiments. Like someone recently pointed out in the linked issue, it is the next big thing on my roadmap. That still does not mean it’s going to be there anytime now.

… and sometimes don’t submit them at all.


People need to learn how to read. Taking offence to my pointing out the behavior of OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ME AND ARE NOT YOU is unjustified and offensive.


tame your horses… and don’t let them running wild again.

you’ve got your answer of the developper himself… sadly it wasn’t the one you expected - anyways: it’s an answer.

And yes that’s what Open Source is: make someone doing a desired thing for you by paying him for his work… and accepting if he might not want to do it anyways. + being OK with the features implemented FOR FREE.
no need getting rude here.