Share link password not prefilled

Hi, I’ve recently upgraded from NC21 to NC28.
When i want to share a folder or file from the files app there should be the password field (for the receiver) prefilled but it’s not anymore. I know in the previous versions on NC it was possible. I’ve searched in the system settings but didn’t find any checkbox for that. Does anyone know what I have to do? Thanks for your support.

First of all, I assume that you have updated Nextcloud 21 correctly across all releases up to Nextcloud 28. In addition, the sharing behavior has changed. Post a few screenshots.

You can find sharing options at http://cloud.server.tld/index.php/settings/admin/sharing.

Under the sharing options there is no checkbox for “set prefilled password” or something like that. I’ve also attached a screenshot on which position there should be a prefilled password when sharing the link via email.