Share large directories

Hello, I’m new to Nextcloud and switching from DropBox. I usually have project sizes of around 200-300GB that I would like to hand over to my client for backup once my work is complete. Is there a way to send a share link that can be downloaded from something other than a browser (in case the browser breaks and resuming doesn’t work)?

  1. Basically if user has a link he can add it to own nextcloud instance via Federation feature.
  2. You can also create temporary user for you client with 1 MB Quota and share folder with him. In this case he has own user name and password and will be able to use nextcloud client to sync the data.
  3. If this is one file you can even send direct link to it e.g.: https://YOURSERVER/index.php/s/XfHKow2bMRA7YiD/download and curl, wget :smiley: Here are the few examples Прямая ссылка на изображение в общей папке - #13 by gas85
  1. Also you can use the app Guests. The user can login with e-mail and password and you give him read access to the folder. This is similar to a public link. I don’t know whether guests can use a Nextcloud client.
  2. Nextcloud users (maybe also guests) can also use WebDAV. Maybe that works better.
  3. You can host your backup (e.g. zip or tar.gz) on the same server or other server and give web access with normal webserver and .htaccess or zip/tar.gz.-password protection.
  4. You can encrypt the backup, upload it to Dropbox and share it for download. :wink:
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Thanks a lot, create a user, share with and download with the desktop app seems to be best best way for me.