Share from Windows Desktop app not working

Nextcloud Server 10.0.1. Nextcloud Windows desktop app Version 2.2.4 (build 2).

Syncing is working as expected but there are no icons on any files or folders and there is no option to “Share with Nextcloud” from within file explorer when I right click a file or folder.

I have another laptop with the Owncloud desktop app Version 2.2.4 (build 6408) and it is working just fine.

This looks like a bug; please report it directly here:

I tried to report this bug in the nextcloud tracker and I was instructed to report non theme related bugs to the owncloud tracker…

Thanks for reporting issues back to Nextcloud!

Please report all not theming related issues at the moment to

I followed your instructions and they closed the bug and said they cannot help me there…

guruz commented 16 minutes ago
This is the ownCloud client bugtracker, we cannot help you here.
@guruz guruz closed this 16 minutes ago

What is the correct procedure to submit bugs about the nextcloud client???

The problem is that Nextcloud does not have own developers for the client yet. To identify the responsible part you could try, if the owncloud-client works (they should be identical except the branding). If the owncloud client works but not the nextcloud, they did some errors with the branding and the Nextcloud-Bugtracker would be the best place for it.

If it fails with the owncloud client, you can try to reproduce it with an owncloud setup (e.g. and report it to the owncloud bugtracker. If you have problems with the Nextcloud-branded client, they are not very happy to help you out…

It’s always good to link the github issues:

Thanks for the information.

This definitely appears to be a problem with the re-branding, more specifically the location of the program files.

The problem only exists when I uninstall the owncloud client (or move or rename the Owncloud directory) so it seems that Nextcloud may be using resources located in the Owncloud program files directory. If I re-install Owncloud but not start it and only start Nextcloud then the icons and the sharing option return.

I will report my findings to the bug tracker.

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