Share folders with users

I’d like to share all passwords in a folder with some users instead of share each password with a user.

we have like 100 passwords for all the business accounts we share at our startup and for the moment I have to manually share each password with my co-founder. would make our life that much easier if we could just share on folder and have equal rights for all passwords in such a folder

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You’re not alone - see this GitHub issue. It’s on the todo-list, but client-side-encryption has priority.

Is it possible to either make folders and single password items markable for

  • deleting only selected password items and/or folders with password items
  • sharing only selected passwords/folders
  • adding some text to the names of the selected passwords and passwords in folders
    (for example: adding the text “by User xyz” etc. at the beginning/end of the password item names

Also it would be a good idea to add an option/item “group” to the passwords so all passwords i assign to a group (of users) will be available to the members of this group (and if a user of the group adds a new password item and assigns it to a “group” all other group member will see the new password item too). This would be a better solution (for teams that should all get access to the same password list) than always have to sharing the passwords - if a team/group member adds a new password item and forgets to share all the other team members don’t even know of it. Best solution would be if the password must be assigned to either group “Private” or “Group xyz” (if groups are defined, otherwise it could be greyed out).
With this solution it should also be possible to add a rule to the password (admin) settings if passwords of groups are allowed to be shared by the group members or not (or only by some special members of the group, because the normal team/group member should not be able to share the password items (either direct or with a link) to any other members outside the team)

And at least the sharing option should be available at the right click menu of a password (folder) item.

  • Mass actions like deleting or moving etc. are currently not supported.
  • If you want to rename a lot of passwords i would recommend using the import/export function. Just create a custom CSV file with the id, the password and the fields you want to change and then import it as a custom csv after editing it with Excel or something similar.
  • Advanced sharing of folders and tags as well as sharing with groups is currently not implemented. See the Github issue above.
  • Passwords will respect the global settings for sharing. So you can limit users to their group etc.
  • I don’t think we will need shared password groups or circles. As soon as sharing is available for folders, you can just share a folder with a group and have essentially the same features.

As soon as sharing is available for folders, you can just share a folder with a group and have essentially the same features.

Thank you for your valuable extension.
How can I share folder with a group?

As you can see in the Github issue linked above, sharing for folders, tags or groups is yet to be implemented.