Share folders but maintain files hierarchy structure


Most probably this has been discussed many times but I can not find an answer to my specific use case. My apologies in advance if I overlooked it.

I would like to create a file structure as follows:
folder1 : read only for everybody. Full permissions for group1
folder1-> folder2 : read only for everybody, full permissions for group1&2
folder1-> folder2-> folder3: full permissions for everybody.

The thing is that I need all users to be able to see all the folders but based on the set permissions, they can read only or read/write. The current situation is, for example, when “folder3” is shared, all users would have it in their Nextcloud’s root directory but they can’t see that “folder3” is a child of “folder2” which is a child of “folder1”. So the file structure is lost.

Is there a way to achieve that?

Any suggestions?

AFAIK you will not solve your issue with sharing.

I am also wondering about this feature. Is there anything like this on NC?

Simple answer: not possible. You can use group folders, but then you only can set the rights at the top level or normal sharing which doesn’t keep top level hierarchies.

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In my organization, we have been using Nextcloud for two years, but not preserving the structure is becoming a deal-breaker. If we have this structure:

Common (read-only)
    Marketing (read/write for roles Admin, Sales and Marketing)

People in sales will see this in their computer:

Common (read-only)
    Marketing (read-only)
Marketing (read/write)

And that means explaining over and over the sync is failing because you have to save the file in the other Marketing directory in your computer that has the same structure, and it will then appear in both Marketing dirs.

This problem is exacerbated when the file hierarchy and roles are more complex than this example, ending up with 10-20 dirs where you don’t know where can you write.

Is already any way to keep a compact file structure locally?

I think the problem is the top folder Common and read-only. On my file system e.g. network directory h and h:\Common i can always create h:\Test and not only h:\Common\Marketing\Test. I don’t know if you can prevent this with CIFS.

I think you use Group Folders and also Access Control can not help you.

Maybe you can work around your problem like this until there is a solution for Nextcloud. But this solution is probably only useful for a few directories.

Create Nextcloud directory including the full path you need and the correct rights:
Common - Marketing
Common - Support
Common - …
(example with empty folder and read-only access)

Hi, I’m not using either Group Folders or Access Control apps (just checked on apps), only the apps already installed in vanilla Nextcloud. When enabling certain user groups to edit or view a folder, I’m using the default web menu:


The approach of using a flat structure of folders doesn’t fit too well our organization. Typically we have cases like these (asuming hierarchical permissions/overrides):

Projects (r/w for Admin)
    Customers (r for Sales)
        Customer 1
            Documents (r/w for Sales, r for Finance and Legal)
                Brief (r for Tech)
                Statement of Interest (r/w for Legal)
                NDA (r/w Legal)
            Memos (r for Everyone)
            Design (r for Tech, r/w for the project manager)
            Source (r/w for Tech)
            Releases (r/w for Tech)

It would be great if you could configure something like that. But I don’t think that is possible with Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a file sharing platform. But even normal network drives can’t do that.

I think you need to simplify your structure. You should only distinguish between r and r/w and reassemble that into single trees for “Customer 1”. Do not use "Customers (r for Sales).

That is a use case for group folders.