Share files and folders to external collaborators


In my organization, we are sharing specific folders to external collaborators. What we share has a specific file tree which is different of our internal file tree. Usually, we copy paste every file we need into specific folders, wich is very time consuming.

Does someone has a suggestion on how organize this using Nextcloud or specific features which I am not aware? I was thinking of something like “virtual folders”, which could show an identique duplicate of a folder into a specific place into a file tree.

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If you do not use too many folders and it can be in the top of the user folder, maybe you can use “local”.

There is of course the possibility to create certain file structure parts in a different composition at a different location using tools such as softlinks or rbind.
This makes it possible for the original files to be in two places at the same time.
With the External Storage backend “Local” you can then make those files available as suggested by @devnull and the file structure will (slowly) be updated with each access.
However, it becomes problematic if changes are to take place bidirectionally, i.e. if the external collaborators in turn make changes to the files. They are then available in the file system, but the changes have not yet been communicated to the database. An occ files:csan would have to take place for that.

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much luck!

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