Share data with my family

Happy new year to all
I like to ask how is better to share photos between me and my family members
Is it better to login all devices with my admin account or i must create users and then somehow share all data?

Happy New Year to you too

It is very easy to create a new user and share a folder with them. This is the preferred way as you cannot always check if there only watching your photo’s. So If privacy is no issue you can login with your admin but I would strongly advice against it as creating a user just takes 5 minutes at most.

But it is your cloud and your data, Only You decide how you share.

Thank you very much
I will try to create new users and share files it this way

If you need any assistance with creating users or sharing files/folders don’t hesitate to ask.

If the answer is not satisfying please ask for clarification.

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I just creat my wife an account and logedin but when i try to upload her photos “dcim” directory it said that there is not enough space
The folder is 75gb and my disk have 174gb free space
I guess i have to add more space to nextcloud storage but how?

When you created the account you may have not changed the default quota.

You need to manually change this to something above 75 GB for the user.

Edit user with the pencil and scroll all the way to the right.

I set to unlimited

Then we must know your disk layout.

You can check in settings → system @ localhost/settings/admin/serverinfo

If you have diskspace left for storage.

If you need to add space there are many ways to do so but it depends on the pre configuration of the harddisk.

I am trying now to move with cable connected to my laptop the dcim folder and then i will delete files from the phone

Hi and happy new year!

You need to plan your solution. Factors like:

  • How much is to be shared? (Are there even room for all of it on the devices that will access it?)
  • Is the shared data required to be available “offline”?
  • Is the shared data critical to keep completely private?

And many more decisions to make before you can tailor a proper solution.

I am now realizing that i need bigger disk

I like to share all files from my photos with my wife and the same from her side
We don’t have secrets (I think)
But i like to keep all secure from others so shared only between us
The files will take many hours to be moved to my nextcloud storage so after i finish i come back if i found any problems
Thank you

Happy New Year. I use Nextcloud to exchange files such as pictures. But I don’t think you necessarily have to share all your pictures with Nextcloud. Older pictures, e.g. from previous years, could also be exchanged using old-fashioned methods such as USB hard disks if you need access again.

This is my first try to move from Google to my own cloud
The goal is to brink all my photos to one place and be able to reach them from everywhere
The laptop that i use now is to learn how to do that and after i will make a better server
Thank you

Of course, if you are interested, you can build up sufficient knowledge to operate a Nextcloud successfully. But like Google, there are several service providers who offer you a Nextcloud on the Internet. You can administer these yourself and the provider makes the upgrades for you. For 5 euros a month, you can get up to 2 TB of Nextcloud storage. If you are interested, search for Managed Nextcloud.

Yes thank you for the info
It’s not expensive but again, why not make my own if i can do it?

After a lifetime of managing systems at work, I create separate users for my wife and for both (adult) kids. I’m a firm believer in the “cockup” theory, my family wouldn’t mean to b**ger up the system, but it’s safer not to let them have the chance! :grin: Indeed, on most systems and applications I don’t have privilege, only a way to get it, just in case I make the b*lls up!.

It is a good idea to make it on your own. But you have to learn a few things and know how to deal with errors (backup, restore). Not just theoretically, but actually tried out. It’s a bit like Windows vs. Linux. You can have an operating system put in front of you and take care of it yourself.

Yes i can do all that
I have some good knowledge about computers.
I just have never use linux on my devices
In all this years i have installed many linux distro just to see how they work but never use them for long time.

I have one more question
What will happen with the dcim folder if i have one in my phone internal storage and one in my sdcard
I guess the nextcloud will merge both folder to one? Or what?

Thank you for all your answers i really appreciated

You configures that in the sync client. You can choose where to store the data from which folders excactly, even merge them. Be aware that conflicts can occur though if same file exists both places. But you can control this excactly how you like it.

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I have added manually my wife fotos inside my wife’s nextcloud data storage, i have add me and she to the same users group but i can’t see her fotos from my android client
How to make that to see both me and my wife all fotos?

Sorry for my poor English
If you need me to explain more specific just ask

Ok i found it