Share calendar using public link without details


I would like to share my calendar to someone outside nextcloud (thus sharing publicly through a link), but I do not want to give access to the details of the event.

This is implemented by google calendar :

Can’t we add such option when sharing a nextcloud calendar through a public link ?

Note : It also could be nice to have the same thing when sharing to specific user/group within nextcloud, but it is not my priority

It can be set on a per-event basis: the visibility option when shared can be set to “When shared show only busy”. This applies to user and group shares as well as public shares.

I’m not sure CalDAV allows to set this on a calendar level, feel free to open an issue about this on

Yes I am aware about the per-event possibility.
I am looking for a calendar level solution, as Google calendar does today.

I will open an issue on GitHub then

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I have the same need. I tried to find the GitHub issue but I failed. Can you share a URL here so that I can weight in?


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