Share all files with admin automatically

Hi Team,

I am using NC 23.
Is there have any possibility for my requirements?

Whenever a user creating a folder or uploading a file will automatically share with super admin.

I think there is no app.

Two ideas:

With the app Impersonate the admin can change to every user and see all data. But i think it is a bad app. I think this is a data privacy problem. Tell your users this is how you work. Maybe they will prefer to use a Nextcloud from another provider.

Maybe you can force the user to use a special folder. You can test e.g. Group folder or Guests. But then the users are very limited. I think you must set quota to 0 B.

Option C. Use shared folders, which your admin owns and your users have access to. Give users instructions to add relevant items to the shared folders.

I prefer this option because it requires no special app and once setup it is easy to apply to all other users. You can also combine it with @devnull’s suggestion of a way to avoid quotas you’ve imposed on user space.

Yes is think your option c.) is the best. I also use it.
However, the user must actively upload the data to the correct directory via the correct link.

Here are two screenshots @ajithamol.

@devnull and @just Thanks a lot :blush: