Share a folder only and not create users home

hi all,

is it possible when i click on settings > users and when i create a user by sending them an email, instead of having it to create there home directory, is it possible for them to not get a home directory and get added straight away to a shared folder

i know you can do this via clicking on sharing on the folder and sharing it with the person you just created but can i not do this via the settings > users page?

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ownCloud has a functionality for this called “guests”.
The developers here have tried to make it run on NC but failed: and after that copy action ownCloud has relicenced newest additions to GPLv2 so you can try it yourself but will not be able to distribute the results through the app store …

thanks Escubaer

as NC cant do this can i maybe make the user home directory only show the shared folders they have been added to?

also in there home directory can i make them not be able to add a folder or files and just add stuff to the shared folder they have been added to

You can put them on quota 0 … there was a bug but I think its now working in the newest version again.

is it ok to download the copy from the github or is that not finished and still a work in progress?

does this allow guests to upload a file to the shared folder?