Share a folder on a guest

how to share a folder on a guest account

You can use a public share and use e.g. a password or not.
Also you can use the very cool Guests-app:
Then you guest get an e-mail and must set an own password to access the folder(s).

If you already have installed the app.
In the sharing part you must share to “guests”.
Input the email-address and then “Invite Guest”.
It is a little bit tricky because then there are two email options.
In the other option the email-user gets a public share (default option without guests-app).

I’ve already done that.
but when I want to share another folder on the existing guest account the sharing works on my account, however the guest user does not see the folder, he has an error "impossible to write to this folder "

Sorry. Can you post some screenshots and logs?
Perhaps you can write an issue at

in nextcloud sharing with a guest user “test”

Message received by e-mail from the share

in the guest account, error the file can’t be found