Severity levels in NC tickets

When opening tickets on the NC support platform, tickets can be categorised on “severity” from level 1 to 4. Which is higher/more urgent?

hey @bartel

you’re here on the communityforum where volunteers would help (mostly) homeusers with their problems. So this is called “community support”. There is no “ticket” or ticketsystem here at all.

What you describe seems to be either a NC-System for paid support-users or a special supportsystem by the company which runs your server.
So most likely anyone would be able to answer your question correctly.

Yes I know that.
Catch 22 then :wink:
If you get it wrong when you ask what 1 - 4 means, you might have to wait long for an answer :sunglasses:

well you could ask your IT-support team via telephoneline :wink:

I leave this question open on the forum. And - who knows - maybe there will be an answer, though.

Good luck

Answer via telephone:
1 = lowest
4 = highest

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could you get to know if it’s the Nextcloud-ticketsystem (for paid support) or the internal ticketsystem of your IT-support?

That was for the Nextcloud-ticketsystem (paid support)

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