Setup Samba on Odroid HC1 using NextcloudPi testing image


I just installed NextCloudPi on an Odroid HC1 using the Odroid testing image provided by NextCloudPi.

I got everything up and running except Samba. When I try to enable Samba either by SSH or the web interface; I receive an error similar to /nextcloud/occ is not found, are you sure it is up and running?

Are there any commands I need to run to install the Samba files? I got it running on the Pi, but not on the Odroid image. I would like to see my NextCloud folders in the mac finder sidebar. I’m fairly new to this so any help would be appreciated.

Sorry, I completely missed this post.

The odroid needs some love and testing because there are less users reporting things. Could you open an issue on github?