Setup own ONLYOFFICE Server in VM to use in NC

I just switched to Nextcloud Office although ONLYOFFICE would be the better choice for Win documents, but the integrated server is not compatible with NC 28.01

So … now this …** :upside_down_face:**

So I think the best choice is to go back to ONLYOFFICE and setup an own ONLYOFFICE serer in a separate Vm

I also found this:


ONLYOFFICE Document Server with Nextcloud as Appliance

With the appliance ONLYOFFICE Document Server with Nextcloud you install the Online Office Suite with a preconfigured Nextcloud.

Any experience with this.
Not sure to switch my whole cloud to this?!

Is there a ready Image for VM with only the ONLYOFFICE server?

Any experience with This?

PS: I hope this project finds interest, and you like to contribute finding an easy way to set this up & finally connect this server in our Next clouds.

Hope to get input from here too:

You’ll need to ask
Or VMware Customer Support Welcome Center

Sorry, but the forum doesn’t address either outside of Nextcloud itself.

Yes, THX for the links

What is this strange and perplexing response.
Instead, contributing to a solution!

I believe this may not be accurate, especially considering that the ONLYOFFICE SERVER for Nextcloud is not up-to-date and thus unusable. Furthermore, there is an ONLYOFFICE App from Nextcloud that integrates such a server.
So, the only viable option to use ONLYOFFICE in the current version of Nextcloud is to set up an own Server.

With this unqualified response, this possibility is being blocked, which is certainly not in the best interest of the forum users seeking a solution to use ONLYOFFICE in the current version of Nextcloud.

After all, 56 users who apparently have the same issue have shown interest in this discussion, hindering them from creating alternative solutions for the non-functional Nextcloud app.

What is the rationale behind?

Let’s see what’s coming.

What do you think is the best alternative in the meantime?

I also found this:

What do you think?

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Does this mean that here you’re following ALF’s motto:
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