Setup nextcloud help

I have an asustor NAS AS3102T and I installed the app Nextcloud because it does exactly what I need.
it’s easy to set up and it’s working fine…
But I’m noob in these things… I need to access my nextcloud from my laptop or smartphone from anywhere and this is the problem because I do not know how to do it.
He asks me the address to connect and I do not know what to do.
Can someone help me please?

Best regards

I suppose you are running it at home. You can access your setup through your local network with a local IP (e.g. 192.168.x.y). To make such a setup available from outside your local network:

Other alternative (if you don’t want to expose your NAS to public internet):

  • Connect to your local network via VPN (some routers have such an option, then it can be very easy to set up), then you can just use your local ip to connect to your Nextcloud
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Thank you for your help

yes im running it at home
I have the ports open on the router (point to NAS) and I have a DNS service in no-ip at NAS
but I still can not connect from outside
Should I add something to the address? like. or or something like that?

by the way the NAS is the Asustor as3102T

If you use the default ports (443 for https, 80 for http), you don’t need to add them.

If you don’t get an error message, something is lost on the way. Perhaps some settings are only considered after a restart, … With a packet sniffer you can see on your server what network packages arrive at your network interface (e.g. tcpdump). To run such a program on your router would be most interesting, some open source router software could provide such tools (open/dd-wrt and others). Check the documentation of your router. Some providers also block some ports. Check on forums of your provider, there are probably more customers who want to use port forwarding.


I already noticed that I have some problems with my router
and on NAS the nextcloud was installed on volume1 / web / nextcloud12 so I uninstalled and I installed version 13 at the root of the web volume1/web/ so I can already access from outside even by android app

thank you very much for your attention and availability to help

Best regards