Setup a new VPS or existing server with Nextcloud


My name is Daniel Hansson and I’ve been active in the ownCloud community since year 2013. Today I run Tech and Me ( which is the official provider of the Nextcloud VM. I have made a lot of contributions in the past, and have helped a lot people world wide with different things around ownCloud/Nextcloud e.g.

  • Setting up new VPSes for people world wide through SSH or Teamviewer
  • Hosting VPSes on Tech and Me’s Server
  • Installed Nextcloud on existing servers
  • Configured Nginx for multiple domains with SSL and only one External IP (WAN)
  • Apache configurations
  • VM creations
  • ESXi Installations
  • Rsync backup scripts
  • …and so on

I hereby offer my services to you as well, and if you want to know some more about me you can visit Tech and Me’s website: You can also visit our shop at: to get an idea of what we charge. For special inquiries please write here, or send an email to daniel (at)

I live in Sweden and there may be some time difference, but promise to answer your request as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards
Daniel Hansson

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Nice publicity :slight_smile:

Never realised how many bucks I was saving by doing all this myself :smiley:

Good week-end everybody

@ChrisM A bit late maybe, but thanks! :slight_smile: