Setting up SSL on Nextcloud Snap package on port 444

I recently installed Nextcloud using the snap package on Ubuntu 16.0.4. Due to my ISP provider I had to change the default ports to 81 and 444, I want to enable https with a certificate, since self-signing gives continuous warnings. However, after some research it does not seem the let’s encrypt can work with anything other than port 80 and 444. Is there a way to setup https with a certificate on a different port?

also I have had to manually type in the port and https in my browser window for it to connect properly, is there a way to fix that

I am sorry if this question has been asked, I could not find any answers and I am very new to linux, nextcloud, and web servers as a whole.


A snap package is not very flexible. As such, I would suggest you leave the snap as is, on port 443, and use iptables to do port forwarding from any port you wish, like 444, to 443.

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 444 -j DNAT --to-destination

As for me, I have a pfSense firewall in front of my Nextcloud server. I used HAProxy to get a million time more control over SSL than what is permitted by the snap. I use HAProxy as an SSL accelerator at the same time, transferring the CPU load off from the Nextcloud server.

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I am having a similar issue. I installed Ubuntu server and in the process I selected the SNAP for Nextcloud. I have found a few documents and they are not meant for the beginner user. I hope there is a solution that comes of this that has more explanation

What exactly is your “similar problem”? Do you want to setup SSL with snap? The wiki of the snap package is quite good as a start. Have a look here:

@magestraite Maybe this is what you’re looking for?

Did you solve?

same problem