Setting up next cloud on VirtualBox

I’m new to nextcloud and plan to use it as a way to access my files whereever I go.
Is this a good way to do that or should I use other FTP services?

I’m not sure how I am going to set this up. I think I will set it up in like Ubuntu server or something like that. Is this the best way to set it up?

Because the device im going to set it up on is also a device i use when i am at home, i dont want to install nextcloud on the actual OS running my PC where i do my work.

and im also very confused about how nextcloud works
its not like the normal FTP software?
like you have like a link you can connect to in your browser or client when you are away from home

thanks you for your time

Nextcloud is more a file sharing platform and collaboration platform.
If you only use it on VirtualBox on your PC it makes less sense.
It is no ftp-storage or cifs/smb-replacement.

Normally Nextcloud is accessible through internet.
Then you can access the data from everywhere with every device (browser, iOS, Android).
Also you can share data or other people can upload.

Test Nextcloud with a 60-minutes-account:

Create a free 8 GB account at including Collabora und OnlyOffice.
Search for other free hosters. Look

Upload files, share with other, use iOS or Android - app.