Setting up external storage for old files [RPi]


I’ve set up NextCloud on my RPi 4 + external storage connected via USB3. Recently I bought a new SD card and I see significant improvement in performance.

Of course, USB3 is much slower than reading/writing directly into the card. So one idiea came to my mind…

Is it possible to configure Next Cloud such way, that initially my files would be written into folder on the card (so it would be faster to reach recent files), and later (ie when the size of files reach some limit) they are moved automatically to the desired location? On my end, such location would be the external drive connected via USB. It would be great if we could preserve the catalog structure (in other words, that change would be back-end only, and does not affect what user sees in his account)
Does it make sense? Or I/O spead of the data warehouse doesn’t really matter for the Next Cloud performance?